Incentivized Voting

Incentivized Voting

By using our the API you can ask us for specific data in an automated fashion, for example for incentivized voting.

You can find your Server's API key in your Server Manager.

API Endpoints

Checking wether someone has voted or not is an extremely handy feature. It can for example be used in a vote verification system so you can reward your users ingame for voting.
ParameterDescriptionData Type
keyYour Server API KeyString
IP AddressVoter's IP AddressString

0Not found
1Has voted and not claimed

Vote Callback

Alternatively we can send your server a callback once we receive a vote for your server.

The way this works is by linking to your server and appending ?user=USER_ID here in the URL. E.G. Next, set a callback URL in your control panel, and we'll call that URL after a vote with the following GET parameters (user_ip, user_id) which you can use for your own verification purposes. To verify the request actually comes from us, you can verify the api_key parameter to match what's in your control panel.

Logo's for on your website

If you are looking for a logo to use on your vote page when linking to us, feel free to use the image below.

Horizontal logo eed5ed68e20df8664ed3138c076f946fff38db474d049f8f72c99efca690fe85