Ely: A Community Focused Private Server




What's Ely?

Ely is best described as a game-changer. We are not a private server that offers 100 different game modes. As a matter of fact, we only offer one. That is a normal player. Each player in Ely is on their own to fend for themselves in the open world. We have labeled this a "Free-for-all" server. You receive a modest starter on your first login (50,000 GP) and from there you must provide for yourself and earn your spot in the world of Ely. We do not offer custom games, events or any other "BS" such as constant server-pushed, pointless world-wide messages. Ely is boiled down to a very simple game play experience. You compete, train, socialize or whatever else it is you may enjoy when playing a RSPS. Simply put, there are no posted "Rules" on our server and/or website. You are more than welcome to do as you please. This is an RSPS community; not just another private server.

Ely is focused on creating a new community for all RuneScape Private Server enthusiasts to come together on. Except with Ely, we not only provide you with a website & forum we are also giving you an actual private server to play and advance on. The goal behind Ely as previously mentioned is to build a new community; a new get-together spot for the RSPS community as a whole. We are not competing against other servers for players by adding a shit-ton of content, and this or that; no. We have literally removed all the non-sense and made our server a very simple & clean experience. We are a platform. A base.



  • All skills 100% functional
  • XP rates have been dramatically reduced at a rate of x10-15
  • Bossing (QBD, KBD, Godwars, Corporal Beast, and MANY more)
  • Duel Arena, dicing and flowers all available
  • Free-for-all type server; you are on your own to fend for yourself
  • Donor packages available
  • Minigames (Duel Arena, Castle Wars, Pest Control, Clan Wars, and MANY more)
  • 24/7 VPS Hosted
  • And much, much more

We could go on and on listing the server's features and benefits but we recommend you visit our website and decide to play for yourself.

Your starter & home location. Includes Shops & all else you need to progress within Ely.



Fishing Guild (Rocktails & Cavefish)



Rise of the Six






Squeal of Fortune! Receive your daily 2 spins, or purchase more & get Donor Status!



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Server Information
Registration DateMarch 10, 2018
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